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What We Do

Hire G.I. serves those who have served our country. By assisting with the transition from military service to civilian employment, we help service members, spouses and veterans become successful in the workforce. Our services are geared towards two types of candidates, those who are looking to join a top-tier company, and those who are looking to start their own business.

We understand the challenges of military transition into the civilian workforce. Through strategic partnerships, Hire G.I. has developed a proprietary blend of veteran candidate development by offering veteran franchise coaching and job placement services, resulting in synergistic human capital investments for all of our clients.


Our Services

Veteran Franchise Coaching

Recruiting and Staffing

About Our Veteran Franchise Coaching

Hire G.I Veteran Franchise Coaching makes it easy for veterans to buy a franchise with confidence. We have one goal in mind and that is to match veterans and spouses with Military Friendly franchises. We only work with organizations that we qualify as Military Friendly and provide special programs that offer financial incentives to military veterans & spouses.

 Veterans can feel confident in buying a new franchise with us because we have vetted the organizations and are able to provide you the best quality franchises for veterans. When veterans are looking to transition into business, you know that all the t’s have been crossed and all the i’s have been dotted.  We leave nothing open to speculation.


Our Veteran Coaching Process

Step 1:  Refining The Transition – Our coaches help you with understanding your key skills, talents and abilities to guide you to the best business opportunities that fits your needs

Step 2:  Match Making -We will examine your lifestyle, goals and expectations to strategically  match you with industries

Step 3:  Empowerment – By empowering you with a wealth of knowledge about our partners and serving as your ambassador, we will bring you into the franchise world educated and ready for the mission

Step 4:  Close the deal – We work with you throughout the Franchise process, assist you with the FDD, funding and become your sounding board to assist you during the purchasing process.



About Our Recruiting and Staffing

Hire G.I. serves its clients by providing a reliable single source for staffing needs. Hire G.I. offers a broad spectrum of staffing services:


Direct Hire Placement

Contract Staffing

Contract – To – Direct Conversions

Our Veteran Recruiting Process

Hire G.I limits the number of engagements we take on at any given time.  We are in a unique position to provide a deeper insight to the organization and our clients veteran hiring process. We are able to go deeper into the individual’s background, personality, strengths and weaknesses to increase retention and reduce turnover.

We conduct onsite visits with your organization to gain a better understanding of your culture, veteran integration processes and needs. We assess core values, hiring processes and opportunities.

Experience tells us that the candidate’s first three months are the most critical for long-term success, and a wrong step can quickly become a major roadblock. Once our placements are on board, Hire G.I. provides regular check-ins with the client and the candidate in an effort to measure success and resolve any issues.

We also assess client job postings. The creation of a credible and compelling marketing document is critical for selling the opportunity. By assisting in the creation of the postings, we ensure a more marketable platform for candidates.

We will work closely with you and the candidate to set and manage appropriate offer expectations and assist with all facets of a candidate’s decision-making process (relocation, spousal/family concerns, opportunities for the future, etc.). Our job is to get to know everything there is to know about our candidates and our clients.

We provide an in-depth process to screen candidates and confirm they are the right fit.

    • We provide a phone screening interview
    • Provide a behavioral interview conducted by organizational development professionals
    • Employ an extensive candidate assessment test
    • Conduct a Face-To-Face interview

It is our goal to ensure a fit not only with the required skill sets, but to select a candidate who will enhance and build the desired “corporate culture.”

As a finalist candidate emerges, formal referencing begins. It is our intent to get at the heart of what a candidate is like to work with, what motivates him/her, what the possibilities are, and any foreseeable risks. Our final reference reports are above all else credible and factual – our reputation depends on it.

Why Hire G.I. Franchise?


Become part of the Veteran community and have impact helping our service members, veterans and spouses with employment opportunities. We provide a strong operating model and a strong differentiation from the rest of the franchise marketplace. Hire G.I is a unique and high-performing exception within two Billion dollar industries.


Hire G.I management team will offer training and support to each franchisee as they join the Hire G.I family. The company’s operating model is simple and has been structured with well-defined processes, allowing for ease of replication. Initial training will be held at the headquarters.



Hire G.I achieves a very strong return on investment in comparison to the rest of the recruiting and staffing industry, and the franchise industry in general.

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